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Get value out of your data

The exponential growth in the volume of personal and professional data raises new challenges. The digital deluge will lead to radically different patterns of behavior on the part of individuals and corporations, revolutionizing service delivery and value creation.

Properly processed and analyzed, this data can become “Smart Data”.

Managing Smart Data will be essential. New forms of governance will arise from an information assets life cycle which extends through capture, identification, integration, analysis, secure transfer and data visualization.

New sources of valuable data are multiplying: cellphones, tablets, smart objects, social networks and web services transmit information, frequently in real time, to datacenters for increasingly sophisticated filtering, analysis and report generation.

Who owns the data? How should it be organized and managed? What restrictions apply to sharing data with partners? Which technologies will ensure the integrity, security, and quality of digital assets?

Will Open Source technologies and community cloud solutions play a significant role? How do you build Smart Data systems that are robust, interoperable, and future-proof, from the moment of birth to the death or destruction of each data point?

Smart Data 2014 is positioned as a think tank for the monetization of digital assets, delivering:
• new viewpoints for project initiators in corporate and governmental environments
• expert guidance on the protection and analysis of big data
• an overview of best practices and the latest solutions.



25 June 2014
26 June 2014

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9:00 am Registration and Welcome Coffee
9:30 am

Fundamental Principles

The 3 to 5 Vs of Big Data (Volume, Variety, Velocity... Veracity and Value)


« If Content is King, then Context is God. »(G. Vaynerchuk) - The value creation process


The Open Data Choice


And now, connected objects are changing everything!


12:45 pm Lunch
2:15 pm
Smart Data: Promises and Opportunities

Cost Reduction


Business Intelligence


Product and Service Improvement


Fraud Detection


Predictive Modeling


5:30 pm End of Day 1


9:00 am

Building a Smart Data Strategy

Data Quantity and Quality


Business Intelligence and Social Networks


Technical Infrastructures and Data Flows


Skills and Profession: New Business Actors


ROI: Expected Cash Flows vs Collect and Analysis Investments


12:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm

Responsability and Security

Data Protection as a Trust Factor


Data Ownership


Data Sharing


Regulation Amendment Projects (USA and Europe)


5:30 pm End of Day 2







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